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In 2015, two friends and myself ventured off on a three part adventure to Los Angeles, Canada and NYC. Hot beaches in LA, mountains that seemed to poke holes in the sky in Canada, and the loud and bustling noises of the city that never sleeps.

Watch the three episodes below, or in their natural habitat on YouTube >>


In 2013, the family and I set off to Tasmania to visit good friends living in Hobart.

This is my first travel film. While I spent a long time working on it, I didn't begin editing until pretty much a year later, and finished it another year later. It was a long process, in which I changed programs, went back to my previous program, decided I didn't like the song, and hard to restart all over again. This is LITERALLY a labour of love.

Filmed 2013.
Edited late 2014/early 2015.

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